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Labor day Inspirational Lines :- Labor Day is one of the most important days for the United States of America people. Labor Day has been completely dedicated towards, not only to the labor class of US but also all the people who work under some one. The Labor Day US was firstly celebrated in New York, USA on the 5 September 1882 by the labor union. Last year, the American Prime Minister “Barrack Obama” in the speech of labor day said to the America people that the America is one of the number one state in across the world is because of the work hard and enormous efforts of the American working class. He also said that the entire America stands due to the hard work working class of America. So Labor Day is the day to respect the all the working class of America and remember them, who gave a new way or direction to the American economy. So here we are sharing with you the Labor Day Inspirational and motivational Quotes.

2014 Labor day Inspirations

2014 Labor day Inspirations

Labor day Inspirational Lines to Share with Employees

One cannot have a trade union or a democratic election
without freedom of speech, freedom of association and
assembly.  Without a democratic election, whereby people
choose and remove their rulers, there is no method of securing
human rights against the state.  No democracy without human rights,
no human rights without democracy, and no trade union rights without either.
That is our belief; that is our creed.George Meany, 1979

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We couldn’t see things with the eyes of 1962.
We saw them with the eyes of 1905 through about 1917.
Well, we certainly never heard of such a thing and we never
thought it would be possible, that there would be social security
or unemployment insurance… Also, we never heard of vacations with pay.
We never heard of vacations, let alone vacations with pay.
We never heard of seniority as it is understood today.
There were no pensions for retirement of workers.—Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, 1962

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In my time we was beaten, rotten egged, cussed, threatened,
tarred and feathered and blackballed from other jobs.
Hurt in so many different ways. But at our meetings
our advice to the men and women that was hurt,
we would just say to them what the good book says,
the Lord will not put more upon you than you can bear,
at least none of us lost our lives like some did in the early 30′s.
Thank God!…
W.M. “Jack” Anderson, first local president, UAW local 645 (TX)

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With all their faults, trade unions have done more
for humanity than any other organization of men
that ever existed. They have done more for decency,
for honesty, for education, for the betterment of the race,
for the developing of character in men, than any other
association of men.— Clarence Darrow

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Since all the workers in the industrial community get
the benefits of these services performed by the union,
made possible by the union, we believe that since all
the workers share in the services all the workers ought
to share in the cost of providing those services.—Walter Reuther

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The Labor day Inspirational Lines  that we shared with you, these are said by few great peoples, hope you all will like this.



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